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Live lecture from Isle of Lewis

Darwin200's first live lecture from Isle of Lewis!

8:32 pm 07-09-20


Systematic plankton studies

Darwin200 Episode 13: the team of Darwin200 young scientists undertake a series of systematic studies of plankton in UK waters. Even though plankton are tiny, their impact is immense. Not just in terms…

6:28 pm 07-09-20


Adventures in the Isle of Lewis

The Darwin200 team left the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Hebrides today. These are some of the most fascinating and beautiful islands in the world, with so much history and culture. we…

10:18 pm 05-09-20


Darwin200 voyages north after Lundy Island.

Darwin200 Episode 12: the team voyages north after exploring Lundy Island. The voyage team are hit by rough weather and rain, but continue the journey north, meeting the challenges with smiles and good…

3:35 pm 03-09-20


Understanding sustainable energy

The Darwin200 Young Scientists are undertaking a series of research projects focused on understanding sustainable energy, and in particular, wind power. After seeing several spectacular windfarms around the UK, teams of young scientists…

8:41 pm 02-09-20


Young scientists observe collection of starfish.

The dive team brought us a collection of starfish for the Darwin200 young scientists to study. We released them all after studying them exactly where we found them, but the opportunity allowed the…

3:50 pm 01-09-20


So that’s what a colonial sea squirt looks like!

On our way to the Scottish Hebrides. we visited spectacular Lochaline, opposite the Isle of Mull. The Darwin200 dive team has been documenting the changes of wildlife in UK waters as we voyage…

3:36 pm 01-09-20