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The Darwin200 mission

Darwin200 is a planetary conservation initiative, which aims to change the world. It will create the next 200 pioneers of global science and conservation – Darwin200 Leaders – by giving them a life-changing experience, which will inspire and empower them to change their lives and give them the skills they need to help conserve the world of tomorrow.

Following in the oceanic routes and footsteps of Charles Darwin, onboard a tall ship, the world’s most exciting classroom will sail the world’s oceans, conducting 5 research projects as well as visiting the same 50 ports that Charles Darwin made landfall onboard HMS Beagle

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The Darwin200 vision

The tall ship will be met at each port with a group of 4 Darwin200 Leaders, who will use the ship as a floating laboratory to carry out a carefully designed package of activities and experiments, the same of which Darwin himself completed, to measure the impact of change over the last 200 years.

Darwin200 Leaders will undergo an intense period of training by a group of world-renowned scientists and conservationists onboard to help shape their thinking to problem solve and find solutions for some of the world’s biggest issues identified.


200 of the world’s brightest young scientists to become the global conservation leaders of tomorrow


200 million people worldwide via free, daily online resources and activities beamed to schools across the globe


Real conservation problems via interactive citizen science research projects and collaboration with scientists/universities

50 ports

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route map

5 global
research projects

Our research

Sets sail


Get involved

There are many ways to get involved in this incredible adventure of discovery and change from becoming the next world-leading conservationist through to a sailor onboard the actual tall ship on the open seas.

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Sponsor anyone of the above, a port, put your name to a research project or the comms. Many packages are available to suit many budgets

Be part of something meaningful and inspirational.

Join us and change the world.