Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery to re-trace Charles Darwin’s voyage around the globe.


Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery to re-trace Charles Darwin’s voyage around the globe.


DARWIN200 is a planetary conservation initiative which aims to change the world for the better.

We are sailing a historic tallship around the world following Charles Darwin’s voyage aboard HIMS Beagle two centuries ago.

Using our ship as a floating laboratory and media platform, we will harness the legacy of Charles Darwin’s passion for natural history to engage worldwide audiences and advance global conservation.

Discover our project goals below & join our mission.

Where are we on our Global Voyage?

Our journey will consist of 32 voyage legs and we will be making landfall at key locations where Charles Darwin stepped ashore. But where are we now….

50.3755° N, 4.1427° W

15th AUG



Train exceptional DARWIN, LEADERS, one from each of 200 countries and states around the world. These young conservationists will become tomorrow’s environmental leaders.



Create the WORLD’S MOST EXCITING CLASSROOM to reconnect global audiences with nature, science and conservation.



Undertake citizen science RESEARCH PROJECTS tackling many of the world’s most critical environmental problems to engage global audiences in practical solutions.

DARWIN Leaders

DARWIN200 is selecting the world’s top young (18+ year old) conservationists – one from each of two hundred countries and states around the world.

These exceptional young conservationists (known as ‘Darwin Leaders’) are carefully chosen for their abilities, initiative and determination. Many have already accomplished inspiring conservation feats (such as setting up projects to save endangered species or efforts to educate audiences in their home countries). All show the raw, burning passion to protect the natural world and drive positive change for a better future.

From August 2023 to July 2025, groups of 4-8 Darwin Leaders will travel to our ship in each of the ports Charles Darwin visited, using our ship as a floating laboratory and media platform.

World’s Most Exciting Classroom

During the DARWIN200 2023-2025 Global Voyage, our goal is to engage with millions of students at schools across the planet via continuous streams of free online activities, research projects, experiments, lectures, competitions and weekly ‘nature hour’ events.
We call these outreach activities ‘the world’s most exciting classroom’.
All our outreach activities will be completely free of charge for students, teachers and the general public. Our goal is to engage 200 million students worldwide during our two-year global voyage and for years to come.


In continuation of Charles Darwin’s work aboard HMS Beagle, the DARWIN200 ship will offer a unique platform to support 8 research projects into many of the world’s most critical environmental problems. Results will be displayed via live data feeds, results presentations, online lectures and interviews with the professional teams of researchers behind each initiative.

12.02.1809 – 19.04.1882


In 1831, at the age of 22, Charles Darwin stepped aboard HMS Beagle in Plymouth, England to being a five year journey around the world. DARWIN200 builds on Charles Darwin’s legacy to educate global audiences about the threats our planet faces and the inspiring conservation work that can save the natural world.



Exceptional Darwin Leaders to drive global change over the coming decades


Reaching 200 million students worldwide


Historic tall ship Oosterschelde


Voyage Legs


Interactive Citizen Science Research Projects


Voyage starts

The Global Voyage will be undertaken aboard the historic 50 metre long tall ship Oosterschelde. Built in 1918, this uniquely restored, three masted schooner is one of the most beautiful historic vessels afloat.

Conservation is not about what we have lost but what we still have. Countless species and even entire ecosystems can be brought back from the brink. DARWIN200 will empower tomorrow’s conservation leaders and the global public to change the world for the better to build a brighter future.
Stewart McPherson, Project Leader
Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will
we help. Only if we help, shall we be saved.
Jane Goodall, DARWIN200 Patron
I am very supportive of this incredible project. Using Charles Darwin’s voyage on HMS Beagle as a framework to highlight environmental change as well as the beauty of nature is a timely and noble ambition.
Dr. Sarah Darwin, Charles Darwin’s Great-Great Granddaughter

press releases

DARWIN200 aboard tall ship Oosterschelde to reach Callao, Peru

DARWIN200 reaches the Pacific Ocean to visit Peru during two-year global voyage and conservation mission aboard tall ship Oosterschelde.

Press Releases 28-03-24

DARWIN200 reaches the Pacific Ocean to visit Talcahuano and Valparaíso Chile

DARWIN200 reaches the Pacific Ocean to visit Talcahuano and Valparaíso Chile during two-year global voyage and conservation mission aboard tall ship Oosterschelde.

Press Releases 28-02-24

Darwin200 Crew to Celebrate Charles Darwin’s Birthday

February 12th 2024, International Darwin Day: Today the crew aboard the Dutch tall ship Oosterschelde will celebrate and commemorate the birthday of Charles Darwin (12 February…

Press Releases 11-02-24

DARWIN200 Sails Strait of Magellan to Punta Arenas, Chile

Punta Arenas is the ninth of 30 ports to be visited during DARWIN200, a 40,000+ nautical mile voyage and conservation mission. The DARWIN200 Global Voyage is…

Press Releases 20-01-24

DARWIN200 in Falkland Islands

DARWIN200 is in Puerto Madryn between 11th December – 20th December 2023 for a week of youth conservation leadership programmes.

Press Releases 09-01-24

DARWIN200 in Puerto Madryn, Argentina

DARWIN200 is in Puerto Madryn between 11th December – 20th December 2023 for a week of youth conservation leadership programmes.

Press Releases 15-12-23

DARWIN200 to visit Punta del Este, Uruguay

Punta del Este, Uruguay is the sixth of 32 ports to be visited during DARWIN200, a 40,000+ nautical mile voyage and conservation mission.

Press Releases 27-11-23

DARWIN DAY – November 12th, 2023

On November 12th, 2023, while the DARWIN200 mission is in Rio de Janeiro, a full day of live and interactive talks, called Darwin Day, will be…

Press Releases 09-11-23

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🚢 Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store:

Explore the adventures of the Oosterschelde as it sets sail from Ecuador to the Galapagos!

Hear firsthand from Joe about his thrilling journey along the coast of Peru onboard the ship.

Dive into the fascinating wildlife and natural history of the Enchanted Isles, gearing up for the Galapagos!

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Species Spotlight: Chilean Flamingo 🦩

Meet the elegant and captivating Chilean Flamingo, a true icon of the South American wetlands! 🌿

📍 Habitat: Found primarily in the wetlands, mudflats, and shallow lakes of South America, particularly in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru.

🎨 Distinctive Features: Recognised by its striking pink plumage, long neck, and characteristic curved beak. The Chilean Flamingo sports vibrant pink feathers, which derive from the pigments in the algae and crustaceans they consume.

🍽️ Diet: Their diet mainly consists of algae, diatoms, small crustaceans, and aquatic insects. Their specialized beaks are perfectly adapted for filter-feeding in shallow waters.

🌐 Social Structure: These graceful birds are highly social creatures, often forming large colonies during breeding season. Their colonies can comprise thousands of individuals, creating a spectacular sight against the wetland landscape.

🥚 Breeding: Chilean Flamingos typically breed in colonies, constructing cone-shaped mud nests in shallow waters. Both parents take turns incubating the single egg, and once hatched, the chick is cared for by both parents.

🔊 Vocalisation: Known for their noisy and melodious calls, Chilean Flamingos communicate through a variety of vocalisations, including honks, grunts, and trumpeting sounds.

👀 Conservation Status: While the Chilean Flamingo is currently classified as “Near Threatened” by the IUCN Red List, habitat loss, pollution, and disturbance to breeding sites pose significant threats to their populations.

Did you know that the coloration of a flamingo’s feathers is influenced by its diet? Their pink hue is a result of pigments called carotenoids found in their food, particularly in algae and crustaceans.

📸 @joshclarkephotos

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Happy Birthday to DARWIN200 patron: Dr Jane Goodall. 🎉 Join us in celebrating Dr. Jane Goodall`s 90th Birthday! As a true pioneer in primatology, conservation, and environmental activism, Jane`s impact on our world is immeasurable. 💚 As a key patron of DARWIN200, Jane`s dedication to safeguarding our planet`s ecosystems has inspired countless individuals globally. 🌍 Jane`s passion and tireless advocacy continues to shape a brighter future for conservation. Thank you, Jane, for your remarkable contributions to science and humanity! #darwin200 #DARWIN200 #janegoodall #HappyBirthdayJaneGoodall #ConservationChampion #Darwin200HonoursJane

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What`s in store for this weeks episode:

🔍 We`ll be joined by Rosa Vasquez Espinoza, a Peruvian Chemical Biologist, National Geographic Explorer, educator, conservationist, and award-winning artist. She`ll be sharing her extraordinary work with MicroAmazon, delving into the microscopic universe of extreme environments and unique animals in the Amazon Rainforest. Learn about her exploration of the Boiling River and the incredible creatures that inhabit its dangerous waters.

🌧️ Discover the results of our Making a Cloud in a Jar Experiment.

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We have an exciting line-up this week for you to enjoy;

🛳️ Embark on a virtual journey as we sail from Valparaíso, Chile to Callao, Peru! Experience the live uplink from the ship as we kick things off.

🌳 Venture to a field station in the Peruvian Amazon and meet Ruth Pillco Huarcaya. Discover the amazing conservation work she`s doing with the Andean Bear, an emblematic species of the region.

🦢 Join Darwin Leader Karinne Tennenbaum as she shares her experience working on a shorebird conservation project in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve, Chile.

Don`t miss out on this jam-packed program filled with adventure, education, and conservation insights! See you there! 🌟

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Living on a ship is very unique. It becomes you and your crew mates own little planet leaving you to almost forget about the outside world.

Want to live on this ship?

Visit the link in our bio to see how you can join.

📸 @tomdixonfilm

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Embarking from Valparasio Harbour on Wednesday, we raised our sails, commencing our voyage to Callao spanning over 1,000 miles. 🌊 Despite the challenging waves at the outset, we were fortunate to have the wind on our side, propelling us at speeds of up to 9.5 knots. ⛵️

#Darwin200 #Oosterschelde #Sailing #GlobalVoyage

🌍 What is DARWIN200? It’s an extraordinary endeavor encompassing three key elements:

⛵️A global expedition spanning two years aboard the Dutch tall ship Oosterschelde, retracing Charles Darwin’s historic voyage on the HMS Beagle. There’s a few spaces left to join the voyage.

🔬 Dive into engaging educational online events, “The World’s Most Exciting Classroom,” with 100 free weekly sessions connecting classrooms worldwide.

📚 Empowering 200 young conservation enthusiasts as Darwin Leaders globally, each spearheading their unique research projects centered around their port locations.

Join us to:

🌟 Connect with like-minded enthusiasts and embark on this captivating journey.

📸 Enjoy beautiful content from all around the world!

🌱 Delve into fascinating research projects and beyond.

And much more.

Ready to embark on a voyage of discovery? Click the link in our bio or visit to learn more about our DARWIN200 project.

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🌊 Species Spotlight: Elephant Seals 🌊

Meet the giants of the ocean, Elephant Seals! These remarkable marine mammals are true marvels of nature.

Fascinating Facts!

• Elephant Seals get their name from the trunk-like proboscis males develop during breeding season. 🐘

• They are the world’s largest seals, with males weighing up to a whopping 8,800 pounds! 💪

• These seals can hold their breath for an astonishing 100 minutes, diving to depths of 5,000 feet in search of food. 🦑

• Elephant Seals hold the record for the deepest dive among marine mammals. 🌊

• During breeding season, males engage in fierce battles for dominance, while females give birth to adorable pups.

• They undertake epic migrations, traveling thousands of miles each year. 🌍

Let’s continue to admire and protect these majestic giants of the sea! 🌊💙

📸 @rhodri_hall

#darwin200 #oosterschelde #marinemammals #marinelife #SpeciesSpotlight #ElephantSeals #MarineConservation

🌟 Species Spotlight: Golden Lion Tamarin 🌟

We were lucky enough to meet the captivating Golden Lion Tamarin in Rio.

Native to the lush Atlantic coastal forests of Brazil, these remarkable primates are known for their striking golden coats and distinctive manes, resembling that of a lion. But don’t let their small size fool you – these tamarins are full of energy and agility!

Here are some fascinating facts about them:

🌟 They primarily feed on fruits, insects, and small vertebrates, displaying incredible dexterity as they navigate through the forest canopy in search of food.

🌟 Golden Lion Tamarins are highly social animals, living in family groups of up to eight individuals, led by a dominant breeding pair.

🌟 Sadly, habitat loss due to deforestation and fragmentation has led to a significant decline in their population, making them critically endangered.

However, conservation efforts, including habitat restoration and captive breeding programs, have been crucial in their preservation. 🌳💛

📸 @rhodri_hall

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🎉 We made it to Valparaiso, Chile, after an epic journey from Concepción! 🌊 Today, we welcomed our Valparaiso Darwin Leaders onboard @dutchtallship as they kick off their research projects this week. Stay tuned for all the exciting updates as our adventure in Valparaiso unfolds!

📸 @tomdixonfilm

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