Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery to re-trace Charles Darwin’s voyage around the globe.


Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery to re-trace Charles Darwin’s voyage around the globe.


DARWIN200 is a planetary conservation initiative which aims to change the world for the better.

We are sailing a historic tallship around the world following Charles Darwin’s voyage aboard HIMS Beagle two centuries ago.

Using our ship as a floating laboratory and media platform, we will harness the legacy of Charles Darwin’s passion for natural history to engage worldwide audiences and advance global conservation.

Discover our project goals below & join our mission.

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Train exceptional DARWIN, LEADERS, one from each of 200 countries and states around the world. These young conservationists will become tomorrow’s environmental leaders.



Create the WORLD’S MOST EXCITING CLASSROOM to reconnect global audiences with nature, science and conservation.



Undertake citizen science RESEARCH PROJECTS tackling many of the world’s most critical environmental problems to engage global audiences in practical solutions.

Where are we on our Global Voyage?

Our journey will consist of 32 voyage legs and we will be making landfall at key locations where Charles Darwin stepped ashore. But where are we now….

DARWIN Leaders

DARWIN200 is selecting the world’s top young (18+ year old) conservationists – one from each of two hundred countries and states around the world.

These exceptional young conservationists (known as ‘Darwin Leaders’) are carefully chosen for their abilities, initiative and determination. Many have already accomplished inspiring conservation feats (such as setting up projects to save endangered species or efforts to educate audiences in their home countries). All show the raw, burning passion to protect the natural world and drive positive change for a better future.

From August 2023 to July 2025, groups of 4-8 Darwin Leaders will travel to our ship in each of the ports Charles Darwin visited, using our ship as a floating laboratory and media platform.


Heather, a dedicated Biologist and Ocean Science graduate, brings marine conservation to life through her role at the National Marine Aquarium and innovative coral research. Her inspiring journey is fueled by encounters with passionate conservationists and immersive nature experiences.

Heather’s vibrant commitment to marine conservation is brought to life through her dynamic roles as a Support Biologist and her recent achievement of a BSc in Ocean Science and Marine Conservation. Working at the National Marine Aquarium, she thrives in maintaining marine life support systems, conducting groundbreaking coral research, and educating visitors on the wonders of the marine world. The highlight of her academic journey was her research project, where she meticulously designed an experiment to uncover optimal diets for Acropora microclados corals. These valuable insights were published in a scientific journal, marking her contribution to the advancement of marine conservation knowledge.

World’s Most Exciting Classroom

During the DARWIN200 2023-2025 Global Voyage, our goal is to engage with millions of students at schools across the planet via continuous streams of free online activities, research projects, experiments, lectures, competitions and weekly ‘nature hour’ events.
We call these outreach activities ‘the world’s most exciting classroom’.
All our outreach activities will be completely free of charge for students, teachers and the general public. Our goal is to engage 200 million students worldwide during our two-year global voyage and for years to come.


In continuation of Charles Darwin’s work aboard HMS Beagle, the DARWIN200 ship will offer a unique platform to support 8 research projects into many of the world’s most critical environmental problems. Results will be displayed via live data feeds, results presentations, online lectures and interviews with the professional teams of researchers behind each initiative.

12.02.1809 – 19.04.1882


In 1831, at the age of 22, Charles Darwin stepped aboard HMS Beagle in Plymouth, England to being a five year journey around the world. DARWIN200 builds on Charles Darwin’s legacy to educate global audiences about the threats our planet faces and the inspiring conservation work that can save the natural world.



Exceptional Darwin Leaders to drive global change over the coming decades


Reaching 200 million students worldwide


Historic tall ship Oosterschelde


Voyage Legs


Interactive Citizen Science Research Projects


Voyage starts

The Global Voyage will be undertaken aboard the historic 50 metre long tall ship Oosterschelde. Built in 1918, this uniquely restored, three masted schooner is one of the most beautiful historic vessels afloat.

Conservation is not about what we have lost but what we still have. Countless species and even entire ecosystems can be brought back from the brink. DARWIN200 will empower tomorrow’s conservation leaders and the global public to change the world for the better to build a brighter future.
Stewart McPherson, Project Leader
Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will
we help. Only if we help, shall we be saved.
Jane Goodall, DARWIN200 Patron
I am very supportive of this incredible project. Using Charles Darwin’s voyage on HMS Beagle as a framework to highlight environmental change as well as the beauty of nature is a timely and noble ambition.
Dr. Sarah Darwin, Charles Darwin’s Great-Great Granddaughter

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