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Change the world, find and empower our next-gen conservationists

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to harness the legacy of Charles Darwin. The global and local impacts of this project are hard to overstate, and have been designed to maximise tangible deliverables – not just during the voyage but for generations to come. Darwin200 aims to be the ‘international stage’, to mobilise passion, enthusiasm and hope to inspire greater care for our natural world.

In 2021, the Darwin200 tall ship will begin a 2 year voyage around the world, re-tracing Charles Darwin’s famous journey. The ship will stop in every major port where Darwin made landfall, including 50 one-week stays along the voyage route.

Darwin200’s core ethos

the next generation’s top 200 leaders in science and conservation

We call these Darwin200 Leaders. Darwin200 Leaders are the best 18-25 year old scientists and conservationists. They will be selected from 200 countries and states from across the globe and will be invited aboard the Darwin200 ship to receive intensive training to develop the skills they need to tackle tomorrow’s conservation problems.

200 million people worldwide

via massive outreach activities. The Darwin200 project offers a vast platform of free, interactive resources for students, teachers and the general public to be part of the voyage in real time. Hundreds of millions of people will become involved as the ship re-traces the voyage of HMS Beagle to be inspired by the beauty of the natural world and discover the changes that have occurred since Charles Darwin’s journey.

Real solutions to save the planet

Interactive research projects streamed live from the Darwin200 ship will publicly explore specific environmental problems but also showcase solutions and hope for the future.

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A worldwide competition will identify 200 of the most capable young (18–25 year old) scientists, naturalists and conservationists from 200 different countries representing at least 50 different languages and cultures from across the globe. We don’t care if they can’t read or write – it’s not about academia, it’s about an innate desire to problem solve and make change in our world today.

Once selected, these 200 young Darwin200 Leaders will be offered the chance of a lifetime to join the Darwin200 tall ship in groups of four for a week, based in one of the ports Darwin visited along the HMS Beagle route.

The worlds most exciting classroom
– your floating lab

Every single day of the ship’s voyage we will be launching activities and exercises for schools. We will have an online portal with new activities, new resources, competitions, new experiments beaming live from the ship to the classrooms right around the world. Enjoy free interactive wonderful resources that any child on the entire planet can be part of from Papa New Guinea to Ethiopia!

We’ll be conducting science projects that children can replicate in their classrooms so they themselves can get involved in and interpret data.

We hope 10’s of thousands of schools from around the world will get involved to help us in our quest to reach 200 million people

Darwin200 logo dark blueA living legacy

Darwin200 will establish a truly global legacy, and one which will change attitudes around the world and guide the next generation to better conserve and care for our planet.

The long-term legacy of the Darwin200 project will be one that grows because the legacy will live through the world’s top 200 young professional leaders who will be empowered to solve future environmental problems, and the hundreds of millions of people that engage in this project and are inspired to reconnect with nature and gain a better understanding for the need for a sustainable future.

Only if we understand, will we care.
Only if we care, will we help.
Only if we help, shall all be saved.
Jane Goodall