DARWIN200 Sponsor

Don Hanson Charitable Foundation

The Don Hanson Charitable Foundation nurtured the DARWIN200 project from its genesis in 2019, leading to two trial voyages around the British Isles in 2020 and 2021 on the tallship Pelican of London in preparation for the first global two-year voyage in on tallship Oosterschelde which departed Plymouth in August 2023.

A huge thank you to the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation for their support

Darwin Leaders

The generous support from the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation, along with the funding of our other kind sponsors, has made possible DARWIN200’s programme of training Darwin Leaders, broadcasting the World’s Most Exciting Classroom weekly events to schools around the globe, and engaging audiences with research projects.

2024 Special Darwin200 Hanson Box

The Don Hanson Charitable Foundation has also partnered with Darwin200 to create and send the 2024 Special Darwin200 Hanson Box to 3,000 schools across the United Kingdom. These custom-made resource boxes comprise books and other resources and are donated free of charge with the purpose of boosting students’ passion for science, nature and conservation.

Schools in the UK can request a 2024 Special Darwin200 Hanson Box free of charge. All 3,000 boxes will be shipped during September, 2024.

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