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The Darwin200 team

Stewart McPherson - Darwin200 Project Leader. Darwin200 team

Stewart McPherson

Darwin200 project leader

Stewart is an award-winning author of over 35 natural history books and presenter of numerous wildlife TV documentaries. He leads dozens of expeditions across the world each year and has discovered 35 new species. Stewart has witnessed both the destruction of nature and the saving of species on the absolute brink of extinction. He co-founded Darwin200 and is leading this innovative, global adventure. Past projects include organising the donation of conservation resources and books to tens of thousands of schools, libraries and universities.


Mike Piercy

Commercial director

After a successful career as an entrepreneur, Mike raised the funding for a world record breaking circumnavigation by the trimaran motor yacht The Cable & Wireless Adventurer. This project provided him with first-hand experience of organising a major global voyage dealing with the logistics at each port, as well managing the day to day financial requirements such an undertaking entails and liaising with the PR and advertising agencies.

Clare Butler - part of the Darwin200 team

Clare Butler

Chief Marketing Officer

Clare is a UK-based award-winning marketer with 25 years experience in the satellite and telecommunications space within multinational organisations. Clare lead Darwin200’s identity and its online presence and is responsible for the strategic direction in broadcasting content from the voyage. Clare is passionate about helping Darwin200 realise its ambition of attracting millions of people around the world to follow this globally important mission.

David Markowitz - Darwin200 Grants Officer

David Markowitz

Grants Officer

David is a US-based biologist and ecologist trained at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Michigan. David is driving forward and coordinating international planning of Darwin200, especially concerning research partners and organisations based in North America.

Jeff Shea - Darwin200 Project Advisor

Jeff Shea

Project Advisor

Jeff is an expert organiser of major expeditions to remote corners of the world. Recent undertakings include two large-scale multi-disciplinary expeditions to document previously unvisited massifs in Venezuela, and journeys to chart the planet’s northernmost land features. Jeff brings extensive experience spanning several decades to the planning of the Darwin200 voyage.

The team’s vision is to change the world by
creating the next wave of determined young conservation leaders, whose careers spanning several decades
will build a brighter future for our planet.
Darwin200 team