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Apply to be a DARWIN200 Leader

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Darwin Leader! If you are on a mission to change our world for the better, you are in the right place. You can apply for one of the 200 places using the form below.

Once selected, the DARWIN200 Leaders are invited to our tall ship The Oosterschelde, together with a small group of other Darwin Leaders. For one week you will be based in one of the ports Charles Darwin visited along the HMS Beagle route.

There you will engage with local NGOs to analyze issues and challenges they face protecting specific species, habitats, and ecosystems. But you also develop actionplans together for further improvements and possible necessary change.

Things to Consider before Applying

We strive to select and match people from all nations, cultural backgrounds and gender. The most important is your proven passion for conservation and lifelong motivation to make world a better place. Feel invited to apply.

We strive to select people from all nations, cultural backgrounds and gender. Most important to us is your proven passion for conservation and lifelong motivation to make the world a better place.

During their placements, Darwin Leaders will live on the tall ship Oosterschelde, and for safety reasons will need to be able to climb stairs and (rope) ladders. Also physically demanding field work might occur.


The DARWIN200 Leader program covers the costs of your international flights and all costs during your placement week on board the Oosterschelde.

However, costs for vaccinations, travel documents (passport/visas), travel insurance and travel costs to and from your airport of departure are your responsibility.

How it Works
  • The first Darwin Leaders for the ports in second half of 2023 will be announced in June. Therefore we need your application before June 2nd.
  • We like you to be supported by an organisation. This can be either be a conservation NGO, an academic institution, public or private organisation.
  • If possible, we strive to match the interest of our Darwin Leaders with the expertise and projects of our local NGO partners in each port.
  • DARWIN200 is a two-year program. We will assign Darwin Leaders along the route in batches of 50 candidates. Please indicate your availability in the form.
  • The Darwin leader Program demands active participation before, during and after the project week. We want to create a super active network of inspiring people around the world for a lifetime.
  • After your application form is received you will receive a notification, and we will keep you informed on the selection process.
  • Your data is stored in compliance with the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


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    Specific Knowledge or Skills (species/habitats/techniques)



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    Please fill in the application form and upload the requested files.