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Unexpected visitors during Lundy Island visit!

Darwin200 Episode 11: Manx shearwaters are released after landing on the Darwin200 ship during our visit to Lundy Island. There was one little stowaway too...see what happened to it while discovering what these…

10:55 pm 25-08-20


Unusual high numbers of sunfish observed

Darwin200 Episode 10: the Darwin200 team observe unusually high numbers of sunfish in UK waters has observed and recorded more than 60 sunfish so far!

9:48 pm 25-08-20


Amazing marine biodiversity seen on our first four dives

Darwin200 Episode 9: marine biologist, Dr. Rohan Holt leads the Darwin200 dive team to undertake four dives to document the marine biodiversity of the south of England. Rohan discovers colourful cuckoo wrasse, snakelocks…

9:35 am 24-08-20


Wind energy projects

As we depart Liverpool, the Young Scientists on the Darwin200 ship get ready to begin an exciting programme of research, studying wind power and sustainable energy. We've had the privilege to pass incredible…

11:09 pm 23-08-20


Micro plastics in UK waters

Darwin200 Episode 8: Micro plastics in UK waters - young scientists investigate plastic waste impacts

10:18 am 23-08-20


Misty journey to Isles of Scilly

Darwin200 Episode 7: the Darwin200 team sets sail from the historic docks of Plymouth, where two centuries ago, Charles Darwin stepped aboard HMS Beagle and began his five year voyage of discovery.

12:24 pm 21-08-20


Amazing berth at Liverpool docks

Watch our berthing vlog and how the Darwin200 talented captain and crew managed to effortlessly fit through the tightest of gates at Liverpool docks. Amazing display of utter brilliance, much to the delight…

9:20 am 21-08-20