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During the Darwin200 project visit in Galápagos, creating a strong link to the local community is important given the vital message that connects the boat’s journey, the project’s objective and the legacy Darwin has left in the islands. In order to do so, two local organizations have joined with Darwin200 to ensure that in between Darwin Leaders programs, local students and youth groups can visit and experience the powerful presence of the Oosterschelde tall ship.

Through the Galápagos Infinito program which is directed to 10-12 year olds in 7th grade of primary school, onboard visits and activities are planned while the boat is in port. Also two episodes in Spanish of the World’s Most Exciting Classroom Episodes will allow opportunities for students in all islands, Ecuador and the World to participate.

Through the participation of youth from science clubs and eco-clubs such as the Tibu-Embajadores, Tibu-Leaders, Club Molas, Youth Club for Sustainability, Young Protectors of Emblematic Species, and Girl’s Gills Club, short navigations between ports will be an opportunity for these young community leaders to experience first hand the power of wind, sea and sail.

Onboard the ship, a number of activity stations are planned to give the students an immersive experience during the one and a half hour visit or during the sailing journeys.

Saturday 4th May PM: onboard visits from students in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno Sunday 5th May full day: crossing between Puerto Baquerizo Moreno and Puerto Ayora Monday 6th May AM & PM: onboard visits from students in Puerto Ayora Monday 6th May 10:30 am: live classroom from the boat
Tuesday 7th May full day: crossing between Puerto Ayora and Baltra
Thursday 9th May full day: crossing between Baltra and Puerto Ayora
Friday 10th May 2.30 PM: live classroom from the boat & onboard visit in Puerto Ayora

Thematic stations onboard:

(1) Darwin, tall ships and exploration of the seas;
(2) Más Galapagos: importance of marine reserves, iconic species and threats; (3) Capitan Polo: Climate Change and our daily actions.

World’s Most Exciting Classroom Episodes in Spanish
Monday 6th May 10.30 – 11.30am – Get to know the boat, the Bicentenary of Charles Darwin, the expedition, science and learning onboard.

Friday 10th May 14.30 – 15.30 pm – Special guest Sarah Darwin onboard tells us about her link to Charles Darwin, and talks about evolution, endemism, Galápagos and conservation challenges.


With the Galapagos Leg of the Darwin200 project being one of the most emblematic, “highlights of the entire 2-year voyage” says Stewart McPherson Project Leader Darwin200, providing transformative experiences for local youth to participate in activities onboard the boat and dive into the world of sailing and exploration will add a unique component to the already packed schedule of Darwin Leaders projects and Live Classroom experiences.

Through collaboration with local organizations Naveducando Foundation and Charles Darwin Foundation, it is possible to create synergies with Darwin200 that further amplify their purpose-led outdoor education activities and clubs for the wellbeing of Galapagos communities and the rest of the world. It is an opportunity to enrich scientific education and promote comprehension of evolution and conservation, exploration of the natural world. And have a lasting impact.

We thank the Galapagos National Park Directorate, the Galapagos Government Council of the Special Regime of Galapagos and the Education District Direction.


About Darwin200

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DARWIN200, the two-year planetary conservation mission aboard the magnificent Dutch tall ship Oosterschelde, has set sail from mainland Ecuador and is sailing for the Galápagos Islands (Spanish: Islas Galápagos) an archipelago of volcanic islands in the Eastern Pacific, located around the Equator 900 km (560 mi) west of South America.


About Naveducando Foundation

@galapagosinfinito (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)
The Naveducando Foundation was established in 2021 to facilitate implementation of the Galapagos Infinito Program. This program is unique in providing immersive transformative experiences of connection with the sea to all 7th graders in the Galapagos every year. Working at the intersection of education, conservation and tourism, tour boats become “oceanic classrooms” for students to explore their home and develop a sense of place and purpose. Complementary activities include experiential learning scenarios with sailing, snorkeling and digital missions.


About Charles Darwin Foundation

The Charles Darwin Foundation was established in 1959 alongside the creation of the Galapagos National Park. For 65 years they have been leading scientific research and conservation efforts in the Galápagos Islands, generating lasting positive impacts and providing unique training opportunities for volunteers, students, and professionals. Their education and outreach initiatives that span more than 2 decades include formative science clubs for local youth.

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