Manuela Acosta

Manuela, studying Environmental Management in Uruguay, is passionate about shark conservation and fostering sustainable practices. With a background in a family of fishermen, she seeks alternatives to shark fishing and aspires to protect marine ecosystems. The Darwin Project offers her a unique opportunity to enhance her marine insights and contribute to global conservation efforts.

Manuela's journey in Uruguay revolves around her commitment to environmental conservation. Pursuing a degree in Environmental Management, she specializes in fishery resources and aquaculture. Her active engagement in the "Dangerous or Endangered Sharks?" project underpins her dedication to raising awareness and fostering knowledge about shark populations in Uruguay. With thorough literature reviews and interviews with local stakeholders, Manuela seeks to lay the foundation for sustainable shark conservation and management strategies.

START DATE: 2nd October LOCATION: Fer. de Nor. AREA OF STUDY: Sharks
END DATE: 10th October Representing: Uruguay SPONSOR:
START DATE: 2nd October
END DATE: 10th October
LOCATION: Fer. de Nor.
END POINT: Uruguay

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