Meet Lotte, a driven and enthusiastic advocate for nature conservation, on a mission to create a positive impact. Currently studying Forest and Nature Conservation, she's already actively engaged in various environmental projects and organizations. Her project with DARWIN200 aims to shed light on the unique and fragile vegetation of Tenerife, popularly known as the Volcanic Garden.

With a recent surge in tourism, human activities have taken a toll on Tenerife’s precious ecosystems. Lotta’s project involves diving deep into the heart of Tenerife’s vegetation types, with a primary focus on the cardonal-tabaibal and thermophillous woodlands. The project will explore these ecosystems, studying their unique features and observing the main plant
and animal species that inhabit them. By doing so, we hope to understand the critical
conservation issues affecting these habitats.
START DATE: 27th August LOCATION: Tenerife AREA OF STUDY: Coastal Forests
END DATE: 2nd September Representing: Holland SPONSOR: IMC
START DATE: 27th August
END DATE: 2nd September
LOCATION: Tenerife
END POINT: Holland
AREA OF STUDY: Coastal Forests

All project films, reports and photo essays from each leader launching on November 30th

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