Emmanuel Kudolo

Emmanuel is currently studying Computing and Business Management at IPMC University College of Technology. Prior to his studies, he gained valuable work experience in various fields.

Emmanuel's passion for the environment and wildlife has also led him to engage in several environmental projects. As a Tore Scholar and Graduate, he has actively contributed to initiatives aimed at preserving the environment. Some of his notable achievements include organizing a clean-up at Sakumono Ramsar site in Accra, collaborating with the local community to keep the area clean and protected.

He also wrote a curriculum on the environment for primary and junior secondary school children in the Akuapem Hills, which was approved by the World Climate School. This curriculum aimed to educate young students about environmental issues and inspire them to be environmentally conscious. Furthermore, he contributed to teaching the curriculum he developed to primary and junior secondary schools in Akokoa village in the Mamfe district, ensuring that environmental education reached a wider audience.

START DATE: 3rd September LOCATION: Cape Verde AREA OF STUDY: Birds and Raso Larck
END DATE: 11th September Representing: Accra, Ghana SPONSOR: Redfern Natural History Productions
START DATE: 3rd September
END DATE: 11th September
LOCATION: Cape Verde
END POINT: Accra, Ghana
AREA OF STUDY: Birds and Raso Larck
SPONSOR: Redfern Natural History Productions

Emmanuel’s dedication to environmental conservation extended to his involvement in political campaigns. He joined the NDC political party to advocate for environmental policies and raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment.

In his efforts to protect migratory birds, Emmanuel campaigned against salt extraction in the Densu Delta near Accra. His goal was to safeguard the habitat of Black Terns and other migratory bird species.

Despite the challenges he has encountered, Emmanuel remains inspired and motivated to make a positive impact on the environment in Ghana. He sees these challenges as opportunities for growth and believes that through collective efforts, his country can overcome environmental issues and create a more sustainable future.

Emmanuel’s desire to connect with like-minded individuals and address the environmental problems in his region led him to apply for the Darwin200 program. As a Darwin Leader, he aims to inspire more people in his country to recognize the importance of environmental conservation and work towards a greener and brighter future. He aspires to leave a lasting legacy of inspired individuals who continue the mission of creating a sustainable living in developing countries.

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