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Young scientists investigate plastic waste impacts

Video 10:18 AM 23-08-20

Young scientists investigate plastic waste impacts

Darwin200 Episode 8: the Darwin200 team of young scientists land on the Isles of Scilly to collect sand samples to look for evidence of plastic pollution.

They compared their findings with water samples taken throughout the voyage to assess the large scale impact and distribution of microscopic “micro plastic” particles in UK waters.

While photos of turtles with plastic around their flippers may be more eye-catching, the young scientists discovered micro plastics impact microscopic life in a similar way, and on a greater scale across the worlds oceans.

Darwin200 Young Scientist Natasha Pulley explains the findings the team has made so far during our UK Ocean Health Check voyage.

Over the coming weeks, as the Darwin200 voyage continues around the north of Scotland, the team will continue investigating the problem of micro plastics and the impact on the natural world.

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