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Video 3:31 PM 15-09-20

Live lecture from Bass Rock

The Darwin200 team partnered with Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants, the Scottish Seabird Centre and the Marine Conservation Society to undertake a live lecture beamed from Bass Rock to schools around the world!

Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants host Joe Grabowski introduces the Darwin200 UK Voyage, and meets Darwin200 project leader Stewart McPherson and the Scottish Seabird Centre Team!

During the lecture, we see thousands of nesting northern gannets. Bass Rock is the world’s largest breeding colony for northern gannets (Morus bassanus), with over 150,000 birds nesting each year!

During the lecture, we meet Maggie Sheddan from the Scottish Seabird Centre, who provides an overview of the natural history of the gannets, and a discussion of key conservation concerns and their annual breeding cycles.

Catherine Gemmell from the Marine Conservation Society, contributes a segment concerning the impacts of plastic waste in marine ecosystems, and role we all can play in reducing this threat.

Diver Kerry MacKay recounts her experiences diving around Bass Rock, and the marine biodiversity below the waves.

Stewart, Maggie, Catherine and Kerry then answer questions put forward by the audience of students watching live from schools around the world!

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