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Voyage Leg 29

Cape Town to Saint Helena Island


Sail to the remote island of Saint Helena. Described as a living museum for its wealth of history and heritage, Saint Helena is home to hundreds of unique animal and plant species, as well as Longwood House, where Napoleon Boneparte was exiled and died. In waters around Saint Helena spot whale sharks and dolphins. Note: a land based guided tour of the fascinating historic sites and amazing wildlife hotspots of Saint Helena is planned for 11/05/2025 – 17/05/2025. Join this tour after this voyage leg to discover Saint Helena! Email info@darwin200.com for details.


Start Point: Cape Town (South Africa)
Departure Date: 28/04/2025
End Point: Saint Helena Island
Arrival Date: 10/05/2025

Price: €1,950


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After a decade of planning, and two successful test voyages in 2020 and 2021, the DARWIN200 Global Voyage will commence in 2023. rnrnWe will make landfall at all of the ports key locations where Charles Darwin stepped ashore during the voyage of HMS Beagle. rn

Explore the Oosterschelde

The DARWIN200 Global Voyage will be undertaken aboard the spectacular 50m long tall ship Oosterschelde. Built in 1918, this uniquely restored, three-masted schooner is the most beautiful historic vessel afloat.

Complete with a bar, a wood-fired stove and a piano, she will be your home during your adventure!


Take a Tour of our Ship

See images or take a 3D tour of Oosterschelde below!