Tom Schildbauer

Tom, a Biology graduate with an Ecology specialization, excelled in tropical pollination biology research and is now taken interest in marine biology. Engaged with the Jane Goodall Institute Austria, he drives climate awareness projects. Tom's passion for the natural world and cultural exploration, shaped by global travel, fuels his commitment to environmental preservation. The Darwin Leader Program is a chance for him to contribute ecologically and positively.

Tom's academic journey revolves around his profound interest in Biology, where he earned his Bachelor's degree with a focus on Ecology. He shone particularly in his research on tropical pollination biology and pollen morphology, conducting groundbreaking work at the Austrian Tropical Research station "La Gamba" in Costa Rica. This experience deepened his understanding of intricate plant-insect interactions and the delicate balance of ecosystems.

START DATE: 20th September LOCATION: Fernando de Noronha AREA OF STUDY: Spinner Dolphins and the impact of tourism and maritime traffic
END DATE: 1st October Representing: Austria SPONSOR: Fourth Element
START DATE: 20th September
END DATE: 1st October
LOCATION: Fernando de Noronha
END POINT: Austria
AREA OF STUDY: Spinner Dolphins and the impact of tourism and maritime traffic
SPONSOR: Fourth Element

Beyond his academic pursuits, Tom’s dedication to environmental conservation is vividly showcased through his active involvement with the Jane Goodall Institute Austria. Leading impactful initiatives for climate awareness demonstrates his commitment to addressing critical global issues. Drawing inspiration from his upbringing in the picturesque Tyrolean alps and fueled by his bilingual background, Tom possesses a holistic perspective on the interconnectedness of cultures and nature.

Tom’s travels across Uganda, Namibia, Indonesia, and more, have offered firsthand exposure to diverse ecosystems and cultures, solidifying his determination to preserve and protect these invaluable assets. Currently pursuing a Master’s in “Ecology & Biodiversity” at the University of Innsbruck, Tom views the Darwin Leader Program as a pivotal opportunity to channel his biological expertise and positivity into a global endeavor for environmental preservation. His multilingual skills and genuine enthusiasm for fostering collaborative environments make him a promising addition to the program.

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