Tessina Strelow

Meet Tessina, a multi-talented creative with a passion for impactful media content. Her skills in video production, animation, drawing, and article writing are fuelled by a deep love for nature and diverse cultures. Tessina actively engages in environmental and social initiatives, advocating for conscious consumption, reducing plastic waste, and supporting wildlife. Her project with DARWIN200 focuses on the preservation of two rare and specific bird species native to the Canary Islands: the Blue Chaffinch and the Great Spotted Woodpecker.

START DATE: 27th August LOCATION: Tenerife AREA OF STUDY: Endemic Birds
END DATE: 2nd September Representing: Kiel,Germany SPONSOR: UC Investors
START DATE: 27th August
END DATE: 2nd September
LOCATION: Tenerife
END POINT: Kiel,Germany
AREA OF STUDY: Endemic Birds
SPONSOR: UC Investors

This conservation project involves restoring and protecting the high-altitude pine forests that serve as the habitat for these birds. This entails implementing sustainable water management practices, researching the awareness among local communities and tourists about the
importance of these endemic birds and promoting responsible feeding.

Tessina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Production and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in media conception. She has been actively involved in various environmental and social initiatives such as “Greenpeace Youth” and has engaged in a range of projects, promoting campaigns to reduce plastic waste and advocating for conscious consumption. Tessina will use her knowledge of the natural world to study the behavior, distribution, and response of these birds to our conservation strategies so that we can adapt our efforts to be more effective.

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