Stefan Antunes

Stefan Antunes, a dedicated conservationist, embarked on a journey that revived the critically endangered Raso Lark. Starting as a volunteer with Cagarra in 2015, Stefan’s commitment expanded to several endangered species. Currently, he works with various species, deploying data loggers, monitoring nests, and conducting population counts.

In his role as a field assistant at Biosfera, Stefan coordinates fieldwork at Ilhéu Raso camp, leading conservation efforts. What sets Stefan apart is his profound connection to the emotional aspect of conservation. He wholeheartedly believes in the cause, emphasising the human element alongside scientific data, which shines through in his work.

Stefan’s commitment extends to species like calhandras and sparrows, where he collects data, utilises coloured rings, and conducts population control counts. His dedication also involves conducting counts for Rabo de Junco biannually and Cagarra every four years. Monthly random ringing activities are a part of the regular routine, alongside year-round observations of coastal species at the camp.

Stefan’s journey also extends into marine life, driven by the Darwin200 program, which introduces him to dolphin research. His growing interest in marine life has broadened his knowledge and commitment to conserving our planet’s biodiversity.
START DATE: 18th October LOCATION: Salvador AREA OF STUDY: Dolphins
END DATE: 27th October Representing: Cape Verde SPONSOR: DHCF
START DATE: 18th October
END DATE: 27th October
LOCATION: Salvador
END POINT: Cape Verde

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