Mirjam Schibler

Meet Mirjam, an inspiring environmental leader with a profound love for nature and a strong background in environmental sciences and forest conservation. Her academic journey, including a Master's degree in Forest and Nature Conservation with prestigious honours, showcases her dedication. Her project with DARWIN200 focuses on plant species, exclusive to this habitat, which are on the brink of extinction and are extremely vulnerable.
START DATE: 14th August LOCATION: Tenerife AREA OF STUDY: Plantlife of El Teide volcano
END DATE: 2nd September Representing: Switzerland SPONSOR: Redfern Natural History Productions
START DATE: 14th August
END DATE: 2nd September
LOCATION: Tenerife
END POINT: Switzerland
AREA OF STUDY: Plantlife of El Teide volcano
SPONSOR: Redfern Natural History Productions

Centuries of human activity in this area, from the time of the guanches to the present, have led to substantial changes in the original habitats, plant life, and fauna of the island’s high mountains. This has resulted in a decline in some plant populations. The project aims to understand the current plant population and the causes for its decline so that we may counteract and reverse its ongoing decline.

Mirjam has actively immersed herself in volunteer work, championing environmental awareness and inspiring others to join the cause. She has acted as a tour guide, volunteered at a bird rescue centre in Switzerland and spearheaded various initiatives focused on nature conservation for the Future for Nature Academy. Mirjam will use her experience to conduct a thorough assessment of the situation and devise practical strategies that engage stakeholders across various spheres, including institutions and society.

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