Michael Binder

Michael, a landscape ecologist with a focus on nature conservation, blends education and passion seamlessly. His extensive work and internships in sustainability led to founding "ORTOLANdschaftspflege," a conservation association that empowers local communities. Michael's dedication to revitalizing ecosystems, workshops, and biodiversity conservation fuels his pursuit of a sustainable future. Darwin200 offers him a platform to amplify his impact and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Michael is a graduated landscape ecologist and studied landscape planning with a focus on applied nature conservation and landscape management at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. His special interests and skills in the field of nature conservation include landscape and ecosystem management, naturalistic grazing, and the conservation of plants, butterflies, and birds.

Since he was in school, he has actively pursued work activities and internships in the field of sustainability and nature conservation. Among them are internships at a biodynamic vegetable farm, a state water management office in the field of landscape conservation, and two conservation organizations.
START DATE: 3rd September LOCATION: Cape Verde AREA OF STUDY: Endemic plant life of Raul Valley
END DATE: 11th September Representing: Austria SPONSOR: Artwork Platform Systems
START DATE: 3rd September
END DATE: 11th September
LOCATION: Cape Verde
END POINT: Austria
AREA OF STUDY: Endemic plant life of Raul Valley
SPONSOR: Artwork Platform Systems

During his Bachelor’s degree, he initially worked independently in garden design, maintenance, and implementation with a focus on natural gardens. From 2021, he worked as a tutor, then as a student assistant, and currently as a research associate at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna. There, he takes on tasks in the area of teaching, creating lecture notes for nature conservation and ecology lectures. He is also involved in a research project that investigates how social media data can be used to survey the ecological impacts of leisure and recreational activities in areas valuable for nature conservation.

In addition to his work activities and internships, he founded the nature conservation association “ORTOLANdschaftspflege” in January 2021. The name is a combination of the German term for landscape management (“Landschaftspflege”) and the bird “Ortolan,” which became extinct in Austria a few years ago. At the moment, the association has about 40 members, mainly students, and has already received awards and funding for three projects. His main project focuses on the revitalization of a degraded dry grassland in Lower Austria, which is home to many rare and endangered species. He also cooperates with a winegrower to implement nature conservation measures on her farmland in the Krems Valley. Additionally, he works on creating stepping stone biotopes in Vienna, where he plants native species to create habitats for insects in the urban area. Environmental education is also a priority, and he organizes workshops to raise awareness about urban nature and wild bees.

Through his projects, he has made a positive impact on biodiversity and has created awareness and attention to nature and its protection in the local population. He has also inspired young people who were previously distant from the subject matter to care about nature and its conservation. Together with his team, they have achieved significant results, such as the increased presence of rare and endangered species in their project areas.

His involvement with nature and species conservation started at an early stage in his life, and he has continued to align his education and activities with his passion for protecting the environment. He believes in a sustainable and livable future and is motivated to contribute to nature conservation and climate protection. He sees the Darwin200 program as an opportunity to expand his knowledge, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and further ignite his passion for nature conservation.

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