Michael Binder

Michael, a landscape ecologist with a focus on nature conservation, blends education and passion seamlessly. His extensive work and internships in sustainability led to founding "ORTOLANdschaftspflege," a conservation association that empowers local communities. Michael's dedication to revitalizing ecosystems, workshops, and biodiversity conservation fuels his pursuit of a sustainable future. Darwin200 offers him a platform to amplify his impact and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Michael is a graduated landscape ecologist and studied landscape planning with a focus on applied nature conservation and landscape management at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. His special interests and skills in the field of nature conservation include landscape and ecosystem management, naturalistic grazing, and the conservation of plants, butterflies, and birds.

Since he was in school, he has actively pursued work activities and internships in the field of sustainability and nature conservation. Among them are internships at a biodynamic vegetable farm, a state water management office in the field of landscape conservation, and two conservation organizations.
START DATE: 12th September LOCATION: Cape Verde AREA OF STUDY: Endemic plants
END DATE: 19th September Representing: Germany SPONSOR: APS
START DATE: 12th September
END DATE: 19th September
LOCATION: Cape Verde
END POINT: Germany
AREA OF STUDY: Endemic plants

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