Luca Vincent

Luca, an aspiring conservationist, boasts a strong academic background, including a Bachelor of Science in Biology (Ecology) from the University of Vienna. His recent role as an Aquarist at Heal the Bay showcased his ability to maintain aquarium exhibits, design innovative displays, and emphasise the importance of forging personal connections between people and the marine environment. Luca’s passion for preserving natural diversity fuels his drive to find innovative approaches for conservation efforts, ideally involving the public. With a background in environmental stewardship and a strong desire to make an impact, he’s poised to thrive in the Darwin Leader Program and build a network of like-minded leaders, contributing to the conservation of our precious ecosystems

Luca will immerse himself into the fundamental behavioural and bio-acoustic research of the Dolphins in the bay of Salvador
START DATE: 18th October LOCATION: Salvador AREA OF STUDY: Dolphins
END DATE: 27th October Representing: USA SPONSOR: IMC
START DATE: 18th October
END DATE: 27th October
LOCATION: Salvador

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