Larissa Vidal Melo

Larissa studies ecology and already stands out with her impactful conservation work. Her research focuses on the acoustic refuge of Guiana dolphins in a Marine Protected Area. Beyond research, she excels in environmental education through games and marine content sharing. Larissa's dedication, recognized with the Luísa Award, aligns with her dream of being a marine biologist, driving her to contribute significantly to marine conservation. She seeks to enrich her expertise through Darwin200, sharing insights and collaborating for a sustainable future.

Larissa is a student at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) with a focus on Ecology. She has been actively involved in various conservation projects as a member of the Marine Ecology and Conservation Laboratory (ECoMAR). Larissa's primary project, "Searching for a quiet place: Marine protected area as an acoustic refuge not effective for Guiana dolphins," examines the effectiveness of a Marine Protected Area (MPA) located at Sepetiba Bay, Rio de Janeiro, as an acoustic refuge for Guiana dolphins (Sotalia guianensis), a vulnerable species in Brazilian waters. Through this project, Larissa has gained extensive fieldwork experience, working on a boat and operating equipment such as SoundTraps, GPS devices, and cameras to collect audio data and capture images of the species she studies. Additionally, she has participated in visual monitoring of Guiana dolphin populations and the collection of acoustic and spatial data for Bryde's whales in Búzios' open sea.
START DATE: 12th September LOCATION: Cape Verde AREA OF STUDY: Sharks and rays
END DATE: 19th September Representing: Brazil SPONSOR: TPP
START DATE: 12th September
END DATE: 19th September
LOCATION: Cape Verde
AREA OF STUDY: Sharks and rays

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