João Delgado

Joāo is a biologist in Cabo Verde working in sea turtle conservation on the beaches of the island of Santo Antão. His expertise spans the fields of environment, fisheries, and biodiversity data management, with a focus on Ecology and Fisheries Resource Assessment. Joao is also proficient in computer programming. Since his teenage years, João has been dedicated to sea turtle conservation, working with several NGOs in Cabo Verde and he currently serves as the Technical Scientific Coordinator at Terrimar – Ambiente e Desenvolvimento Sustentável.

Joao’s commitment to sea turtle conservation has led him from Cabo Verde to Projeto Tamar, an organisation renowned for its exceptional work in safeguarding sea turtles. During his week-long experience with Projeto Tamar, Joao will observe and learn from experts who have been working tirelessly to understand the impacts of climate change on sea turtles, their migration patterns, and strategies for preserving their populations.
What makes this collaboration stand out is that it unites conservationists from Cabo Verde, a small island nation in the Atlantic, with Projeto Tamar’s experts in Brazil. This exchange of knowledge, ideas, and expertise is not only a testament to Joao’s commitment but also to the collective effort of conservationists on both sides of the Atlantic.

Moreover, this collaborative effort extends beyond scientific research. Projeto Tamar’s remarkable public engagement and educational initiatives serve as a model for raising awareness about marine conservation and fostering a deep appreciation for sea turtles. Joao’s interaction with this aspect of Projeto Tamar’s work exemplifies the global need for environmental education.
START DATE: 18th October LOCATION: Salvador AREA OF STUDY: Turtles
END DATE: 27th October Representing: Cape Verde SPONSOR: Ecoflix
START DATE: 18th October
END DATE: 27th October
LOCATION: Salvador
END POINT: Cape Verde
SPONSOR: Ecoflix

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