Isla Richards

Isla's journey spans ocean conservation and safari park roles, contributing to education, research, and breeding efforts for endangered species. Her commitment to plastic-free living and clean-up initiatives highlights personal action for the environment. Inspired by family ties and a fascination with animal behavior, she aims to enhance marine conservation through the Darwin Leader program.

Isla's impactful journey in conservation has been driven by her roles at the Ocean Conservation Trust and West Midlands Safari Park. Focused on education, research, and conservation, Isla maintained display tank standards to raise public awareness about ocean conservation. She led research projects and provided training to interns, fostering future conservationists. Working at the Safari Park, Isla aimed to build connections between urban communities and nature, advocating for wildlife preservation.
START DATE: 2nd October LOCATION: Fer. de Nor. AREA OF STUDY: Octopus
END DATE: 10th October Representing: UK SPONSOR: OCT
START DATE: 2nd October
END DATE: 10th October
LOCATION: Fer. de Nor.

All project films, reports and photo essays from each leader launching on November 30th

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