Meet Iro, a nature and animal lover with a diverse educational background in Classical studies, Humanities, and Social Anthropology. Her commitment extends beyond academia, as she actively participates in volunteer programs with Sea Shepherd and Seawatch Foundation, protecting marine areas and supporting whale and dolphin conservation.Her project with DARWIN200 will explore the fragile coexistence of tourism and marine conservation in the Teno Rasca Marine Protected Area of Tenerife.

Despite its protected status, the Tenerife marine life is at risk, facing stress from activities like whale watching, maritime traffic, and the presence of unauthorized vessels. Our mission is clear: how can we ensure the conservation of biodiversity while minimizing our impact on the environment and being responsible stewards of marine life? To address these challenges Iro will diagnose the situation and formulate proposals for sustainable actions.

START DATE: 27th August LOCATION: Tenerife AREA OF STUDY: Pilot whale
END DATE: 2nd September Representing: Greece SPONSOR: CCSL
START DATE: 27th August
END DATE: 2nd September
LOCATION: Tenerife
AREA OF STUDY: Pilot whale

All project films, reports and photo essays from each leader launching on November 30th

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