Heather O’Keefe

Heather, a dedicated Biologist and Ocean Science graduate, brings marine conservation to life through her role at the National Marine Aquarium and innovative coral research. Her inspiring journey is fueled by encounters with passionate conservationists and immersive nature experiences.

Heather's vibrant commitment to marine conservation is brought to life through her dynamic roles as a Support Biologist and her recent achievement of a BSc in Ocean Science and Marine Conservation. Working at the National Marine Aquarium, she thrives in maintaining marine life support systems, conducting groundbreaking coral research, and educating visitors on the wonders of the marine world. The highlight of her academic journey was her research project, where she meticulously designed an experiment to uncover optimal diets for Acropora microclados corals. These valuable insights were published in a scientific journal, marking her contribution to the advancement of marine conservation knowledge.
START DATE: 2nd October LOCATION: Fer. de Nor. AREA OF STUDY: Rhodoliths
END DATE: 10th October Representing: UK SPONSOR: OCT
START DATE: 2nd October
END DATE: 10th October
LOCATION: Fer. de Nor.
AREA OF STUDY: Rhodoliths

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