Gabriel Leralta

Gabriel, a curious nature enthusiast from the Canary Islands, holds degrees in sports, renewable energies, and sociology. His work ranges from ecological conservation to teaching values through scout mentoring. Passionate about nature since childhood, he seeks to improve conservation strategies globally by learning from different national parks. The Darwin Leader program aligns perfectly with his goal to contribute and learn.

Gabriel's journey has been guided by his deep-rooted passion for nature. He pursued degrees in sports, renewable energies, and sociology to channel his diverse interests. While he enjoys physical activity and learning about cultures, his true calling lies in ecological conservation. His extensive work portfolio includes roles in conserving endangered species, eradicating invasive species, conducting beach cleanups, and contributing to bird censuses and environmental impact studies.

START DATE: 2nd October LOCATION: Fer. de Nor. AREA OF STUDY: Turtles
END DATE: 10th October Representing: Spain SPONSOR: Redfern
START DATE: 2nd October
END DATE: 10th October
LOCATION: Fer. de Nor.
SPONSOR: Redfern

All project films, reports and photo essays from each leader launching on November 30th

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