Elliot Connor

Elliot breathes passion for environmental conservation. With extensive experiences, including reporting on sustainable energy projects and documenting safaris, Elliot's dedication shines. He founded Human Nature Projects at just 15, driving community conservation efforts and these have been recognised internationally. His project with DARWIN200 aims to explore Tenerife’s mesmerising geoheritage and coastal ecosystems such as the Montaña Roja natural reserve.

While Charles Darwin desired to explore Tenerife’s geology during his voyage on the HMS Beagle, fate did not permit his entry onto the island. Geology did, however, play a crucial role in shaping Darwin’s revolutionary ideas. The importance of this project lies in the urgency to safeguard Tenerife’s coastal habitats and natural and geological heritage as part of the unique delicate ecosystem and its species, as we witness daily impacts on these delicate ecosystems.

START DATE: 27th August LOCATION: Tenerife AREA OF STUDY: Coastal habitats
END DATE: 2nd September Representing: Australia SPONSOR: Trifin
START DATE: 27th August
END DATE: 2nd September
LOCATION: Tenerife
END POINT: Australia
AREA OF STUDY: Coastal habitats

All project films, reports and photo essays from each leader launching on November 30th

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