Alison Ashworth

Alison Ashworth, 19 from the United Kingdom is a student environmental studies and will be working with Biosfera’s turtle experts into the population of Green Turtles on San Pedro beach and the effects of increasing tourism on the health and wellbeing of the animals.

From watching nature documentaries as a child to studying climate change more comprehensively in her degree, Alison has always been fascinated by the causes of the current climate crisis and how it can be resolved.
Her academic journey has exposed her to various perspectives on global climate issues and potential solutions, fueling her determination to contribute positively to the cause. Whether through research or campaigning for governments and businesses, Alison is committed to making a difference in the fight against climate change.
One person who greatly inspired Alison is Wayne Dixon, an environmental activist she had the pleasure of meeting. Wayne's four-year endeavor of walking around the entire UK coastline, picking up litter, and raising awareness showcased the impact one individual can have.

Eager to broaden her horizons and gain hands-on experience, Alison sees the Darwin leadership program as a transformative opportunity. The chance to witness environmental changes first-hand and participate in research collection aligns perfectly with her goals.

A strong team player with excellent communication skills, Alison enjoys challenges and is passionate about scientific investigations. She relishes the idea of exploring new environments and meeting like-minded individuals through the program.
START DATE: 12th September LOCATION: Cape Verde AREA OF STUDY: Turtles
END DATE: 19th September Representing: UK SPONSOR: DHCF
START DATE: 12th September
END DATE: 19th September
LOCATION: Cape Verde

All project films, reports and photo essays from each leader launching on November 30th

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