Nina Marcovaldi

Nina Marcovaldi is a marine conservationist and works on a project in Brazil called Projeto Tamar, which is a pioneer in seaturtle conservation. Tamar is an abbreviation for marine turtles in Portuguese. The non-profit foundation was founded by Nina's mother and father. Named by Time Magazine as "Heroes of the Planet," Guy and Neca Marcovaldi started the project as an adventure, and Nina was born at the beginning of this incredible journey.

Today, Tamar is internationally hailed as one of the most successful experiences in ocean conservation. The project's mission is to promote the recovery of the populations of five endangered species that occur in Brazil by developing conservation actions, research plans, social inclusion, environmental education, and sustainable development alongside coastal communities.
Since the very beginning, Tamar has worked closely with the local communities that used to poach the eggs and slaughter the sea turtles. Nina was born and raised in one of these communities and has a special relationship with traditional fisherman families. Nina is involved with many ideas that create job opportunities and value local culture and ancestry. Today, Tamar has nine sea turtle museums, 22 research centers, monitors, and projects 1,100 kilometers of the main nesting areas in Brazil.

Nina works as a creative executive and director. One of her main goals is to promote collective consciousness, touch people's hearts, and raise awareness for the planet's conservation through sea turtles. Culture, art, science, love, and imagination are Nina's favorite working tools. Nina still lives in Praia do Forte and is very connected not only to the sea turtles but also to all the natural and marine life that surrounds her.
As a young conservationist, feeling the ocean through diving, meditating, or simply being in nature has great importance for my purpose on Earth. The connection I have with the visible and invisible elements of nature empowers and inspires me to keep working! there is still a lot to be done for sea turtles. A great number of lives depend on the ocean's health, including us! Nina and Tamar are together on a big mission, protecting the five species of sea turtles that nest, feed, rest, and live along Brazil's coastline.
START DATE: 12th September LOCATION: Cape Verde AREA OF STUDY: Turtles
END DATE: 19th September Representing: Brazil SPONSOR: Ecoflix
START DATE: 12th September
END DATE: 19th September
LOCATION: Cape Verde
SPONSOR: Ecoflix

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