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Do you care about the environment we live in? Have you accomplished something, big or small, that demonstrates your desire to help change and/or preserve your world as you know it? Will you be between the ages of 18-25 from May 2021?

We’re inviting one young person from each country to fly to one of the ports that Darwin visited, to join Darwin200’s floating laboratory, to have a life-changing experience to inspire, empower to change their lives and give them the skills they need to help change the world of tomorrow. Do you want that to be you? It can be!

When the Darwin200 Leaders leave their home and arrive at their chosen port, they will be met by their Darwin200 Mentor. During their activities aboard the Darwin200 ship, each Darwin200 Mentor will accompany their Leader, act as guardian and translator, as well as assist in any social media posting.

To become a Darwin200 Mentor, it will cost £5,000, which includes your flights, accommodation and subsistence.


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So you fancy yourself as a sailor? Why not take part in this incredible journey and help get the Darwin200 tall ship to where it needs to get to next? You don’t have to have any qualifications but this will not be a holiday! You will be expected to be a solid member of the crew and help out as and when you are needed, whatever time of day or night.

Why not get involved in this incredible journey to conserve the planet and at the same time, have an experience of a lifetime?!

The cost to become a Darwin200 Sailor is variable due to the different leg lengths. Why not get in touch with us with your interested leg you wish to sail?

Darwin200 is a not for profit limited company and its globally-important mission can only be realised if we raise enough money to cover the cost of chartering the vessel and crew for the two-year voyage and flying, accommodating the Darwin200 Leaders and Mentors. It is too important not to take place so we have pulled together packages that you can support, however big or small your budget.

Choose from a long list of options that include sponsoring a Darwin200 Leader, surveys, studies, communications through to port sponsors or exclusive voyage sponsor. All offer exceptional ROI due to the global coverage through social media, TV and the reach it promises to achieve so please help us realise what will to be the most important voyage of our time.