EPISODE 3: Sailing to Cape Verde – Komodo Dragons, Chameleons and more!


In this episode of the World’s Most Exciting Classroom, host Joe Grabowski broadcasts live from the DARWIN200 ship en route from Tenerife, Canary Islands to Cape Verde. He introduces a special Explorer’s Club flag on the tallship Oosterschelde and interviews camera operators Rhodri Hall and Tom Dixon about their filming experiences on board and in Tenerife. Darwin Leader Iro Tsarmpopoulou-Fokianou and cameraman Lorimer Macandrew share their encounters filming short-finned pilot whales in Tenerife’s waters, culminating in a screening of Iro’s completed Darwin Leader film on pilot whale conservation. The episode also features a Kahoot! quiz and reveals the winners of the previous ocean acidification experiment. This week’s activity explores island evolution using examples like Komodo dragons and Brookesia chameleons, prompting viewers to contemplate why these species evolved to their respective sizes. Submissions are accepted within two weeks for a chance to win a ¬£50 Amazon voucher prize. The episode concludes with a Q&A session, the announcement of the previous week’s curiosity, and the introduction of the latest “Curiosity of the Week.” Viewers are encouraged to send in their guesses for a chance to be featured in the next episode.


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