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Video 2:50 PM 27-09-20

Darwin200 Episode 21: Scottish Marine Life

The team of Darwin200 divers undertake a series of dives around Scotland to document the marine biodiversity, and contrast the species and habitats with those of the southern British Isles.

Data collected during the dives is provided to the Marine Conservation Society’s “Sea Search volunteer recording scheme” to further the conservation of on key species in British waters. The divers explore sheltered sounds and narrows, wave-lashed islands and sea lochs!

They discover a treasure-trove of marine life, from lion’s main jellyfish, football sea squirts, corals, lobsters, edible crabs, sea pens, anemones and starfish! Many of Scotland’s marine creatures have surprising secrets, such as Queen scallops, which use jet propulsion to escape from perceived danger!

Among the dives which the Darwin200 team undertake, are Bass Rock and Loch Aline, famed for their dramatic underwater cliffs! The waters of Scotland, so rich in marine life, are home to many cold adapted species typical of northern and boreal latitudes, not seen in the south of the British Isles.

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