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Darwin200 Episode 18: Wind turbine project

Video 4:57 PM 13-09-20

Darwin200 Episode 18: Wind turbine project

Darwin200 Episode 18: The young scientists design, create and test their own mini-wind turbines to discover which blade shapes and sizes generate the highest voltage output!

Five teams of young scientists created very varied designs using nothing more than craft items and equipment found on the Darwin200 ship!

Some of the finished entries resembled real wind turbines, which we have observed at wind farms during our UK voyage, while others were somewhat unconventional.

The finished mini wind turbines were tested by Dr. Charlotte Braungardt, from the University of Plymouth, who was equipped with a hair drier to create artificial wind, and a very sensitive voltmeter to determine the energy generated.

The results surprised everyone, and goes to show that biggest is not necessarily best!

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