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Amazing marine biodiversity seen on our dives so far

Video 9:35 AM 24-08-20

Amazing marine biodiversity seen on our first four dives

Darwin200 Episode 9: marine biologist, Dr. Rohan Holt leads the Darwin200 dive team to undertake four dives to document the marine biodiversity of the south of England.

Rohan discovers colourful cuckoo wrasse, snakelocks anemones, ethereal kelp forests, conger eels, pipefish, angular crabs and even explores an unknown shipwreck!

In sandy plains around the Scilly Isles, Rohan investigates a sea potato, and we observe how it buries itself quickly in the sand to hide from enemies!

At Lundy Island, Rohan and the team find a spiny starfish, candelabra sponges, sea fans and a catshark egg case!

The divers bring several specimens back to the surface for the Darwin200 young scientists to observe and study.

Follow Darwin200 as we travel north and undertake a similar survey of marine life to examine the differences in biodiversity between the south west of England and the north of Scotland. See what they find out on the next dives!

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