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Crew enjoys visit on Lundy Island

The Darwin200 Voyage team called in at the beautiful island of Lundy in the Bristol Channel. Named by the Norse as "Puffin Island", it is a spectacular wildlife refuge, with a beautiful, traditional…

3:29 pm 17-08-20


Darwin200 citizen science updates underway

Darwin200 Episode 4: Young Scientist Joe Ellison explains a survey of dolphins, whales, sharks, tuna, sunfish and other marine megafauna during the D200 UK Voyage. Joe talks through interesting observations from his findings…

12:42 pm 17-08-20


Amazing footage in Britannia quay

5:11 pm 16-08-20


Plymouth visit

The Darwin200 team had a wonderful time when we visited Plymouth on our UK voyage, the very place that Charles Darwin departed from onboard HMS Beagle. We had a very heartfelt welcome and…

11:34 pm 15-08-20

Press Release

Crew due to arrive in Cardiff Saturday 15 August

Darwin200 crew and young scientists due to arrive in ardiff, Britannia Quay, Saturday 15 August at 16:45 on stunning tall ship Pelican of London. The British-led Darwin200 project will call in at Cardiff…

2:28 pm 13-08-20


Setting sail

Darwin200 Episode 3: The UK Voyage commences as the Darwin200 tallship prepared to leave Sharpness Docks, navigates the difficult lock system and out into the River Seven.

4:17 pm 12-08-20


UK voyage plan and scientists

Darwin200 Episode 2: Project Leader Stewart McPherson outlines the plan for the seven-week Darwin200 UK Voyage, and introduces the science team.

6:24 am 11-08-20